I was socialized to have a need for belongingness; and it came at the expense of ridicule, criticism, & losing who I was. How mentally toxic and taxing it was to live my life living up to other people’s standards of whom I needed to be. I had to STOP IT! I had to change the narrative & stop believing in the stereotyping of whom I was taught to believe I should be! I had to heal, get real, forgive, and learn to sit on my pedestal to holistically see the world differently. Now, I will not allow judgment to change who I am. I will not allow anyone to determine what I love, how I love or reduce who I am because of their own insecurities or mental demons. I am not a stereotype...I am H.E.R! 


Now it’s your turn! It’s time to live your unapologetic truth. Be encouraged and inspired to look at your life, be comfortable in your skin, sit on your pedestal, and start having discussions to change the narrative of imperfection in this world filled with criticism, social inequality, and social judgment.

About The Book

“Her journey and everything about her screams, “I will not allow you to put me in a box!” I will not allow you to dismiss me or oversimplify who I am. I am not a stereotype...I am HER! Welcome to her journey. It will teach all of us something about prematurely judging others and what happens when we succumb to external pressures to live our lives based on how others will perceive or react to us versus being and loving all pieces of our authentic selves—whether they love it or hate it. “

- T. Agramonte, Preface, I Am Not A Stereotype