About The Book

In a conversational tone, Dr. Pamela Gurley opens up about her life and why she considered herself a non-stereotype. She discusses her childhood, teen years, first jobs, toxic marriages and all things that affect one's emotional growth and mindset.


This introspective look at her life inspires all to look at their own lives, to be comfortable in their own skin, to strive for their own ambitions, and to live unapologetically a world filled with criticism. – K. Nelson, Librarian

“Her journey and everything about her screams, “I will not allow you to put me in a box!” I will not allow you to dismiss me or oversimplify who I am. I am not a stereotype...I am HER! Welcome to her journey. It will teach all of us something about prematurely judging others and what happens when we succumb to external pressures to live our lives based on how others will perceive or react to us versus being and loving all pieces of our authentic selves—whether they love it or hate it. “

- T. Agramonte, Preface, I Am Not A Stereotype