Self-Care Unapologetic Series: The Power of the Word “No”

The word “No” may seem like a small word but it is power-packed. Why is this so? The deal with the word is that it holds an unseen force that can appear overly oppressive. It could even sound like an insult to some people. In the world we live in today, it’s a popular belief that saying ''no'' is negative. This is because it might hurt people around us and prevent us from exciting and novel opportunities. With these reasons and many more, people find it hard to say the word.

As individuals, we need to learn that saying “no” is not equivalent to saying “I hate you.” It isn’t an insult. And if anything, saying the word simply means you’re exercising your right. Normally, the word means disappointment for most people. But as individuals, we can protect our happiness and energy with the power of saying no. You should learn to say no without explaining to people because of fear or guilt. Learn that there is absolutely no shame in saying no. Eliminate the feeling that you need to validate or explain your no. For a fact, you owe no one an excuse or explanation. Although you may be scared that your reasons for saying no aren’t valid, or good enough, try to be firm. Remember that, if you don’t want to do something, your prerogative is all the reason you need for your decision.

Saying no when you want to come with some gains. First, saying the word makes your “yes” a lot more powerful. You need to realize that your yes is a commodity. So, whenever you’re confident enough to say no, the value of your yes spikes up. Saying no means you’re standing up for yourself. In a world where everyone wants to be favored above the other, the power of saying no can rescue you. Note that people can be quick to guilt-trip you to say yes. But to protect your energy and secure your happiness, you need to learn to say no. Learn to say no to hurtful relationships and friendships that might bring you down. Be sure to say no to going out when you don’t. If you work jobs, learn to say no to additional projects that can be overbearing. In general, say no to things and ideas you don’t agree with. Not to forget, remember to say no to whatever doesn’t make you happy or excited.

Saying no gives you time for what you love. For instance, when your schedule is packed and time is invaluable, it’s so imperative that you only say yes to things you love or want to do. If not, it’s not worth it. Do well to give your life the attention it duly deserves. Make sure anyone or any situation does not take the power of saying "no" way from you. Protecting your energy and boundaries with the word no will remove negative feelings and allow you to live in an authentic space.

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